Digital Print


At JRSC Digital we offer a full line of custom printing capabilities, utilizing the latest in digital print technologies to get you the best service in the shortest amount of time. We’re not new to the printing business. We’ve been printing catalogs, brochures, and business collateral for the region’s biggest companies. Odds are you’ve received a product printed in our facility.


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Bindery & Finishing

A good print job doesn't just depend on the press. Quality and precise finishing is also required. We have invested heavily into state of the art finishing equipment with a significant amount of automation. This allows us to give you more options to make your print look good. The automation allows for quick setups of jobs with less waste. In fact many times we can finish a job with zero waste in less time than it takes to set up standard non automated equipment.



Variable Data Personalization

Gone are the days of having to print generalized static content. With digital variable data printing each piece can be customized 100%. With simple databases and complex rules can market to each potential customer individually instead of as a group. Variable data can be used for something as simple as numbering or addressing but can also be used for very complex one to one marketing.



Book binding

The way your book is bound is what sets it apart. We offer a significant amount of options for binding you books including perfect binding and square fold lay flat saddle stitching. Check out our book binding page for more information.



Mailing Services


Our mailing services start with printing, but it's so much more. Mail list processing, personalization, postage discounts, and mail specific finishing make your mailings easy and affordable.


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Custom Apparel


Direct To Garment

Screen Printing


Heat Seal



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Promotional Products


Go on, put your name on it. Or your logo. Or your address. You get the point. Need a water bottle for a 5K? A pen for a giveaway? How about fancy lawn chairs for a tailgating event? Maybe even duct tape? Yes duct tape. Why not? We offer an unfathomably wide selection of customizable promotional products better known as "S.W.A.G." (Stuff We All Get). Whatever the special occasion, we'll help you ensure you're giving away something people will remember you by.



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Signs, Banners & Large Format printing


An effective sign is one that will get people to notice and quickly understand your message. Think of a STOP sign. A restroom sign. A sale sign. A “KEEP OFF MY GRASS” sign. Then think of JRSC Digital, because we know that an effective sign is one that will get people to notice and to quickly understand your message. And hopefully, it will also get people to do what you want them to do. Like not pooping on your lawn. We mean dogs, of course.


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Awards, Trophies, & Gifts


It’s not who wins or loses — it’s who goes home with the biggest trophy. That’s unless you choose JRSC Digital, because then you’re always a winner — at least when it comes to recognition. Gold-plated, marbled, and mahogany recognition!


Whomever you want to recognize, in whatever way, we’ve got the best selection of customizable corporate awards, plaques, trophies, and engraved gifts for all of the other “winners” in your life. And yes, we have enough trophies to make sure EVERYONE gets something. We can even get horse’s ass trophies for the “competitively challenged” teams who finish last!



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Rubber Stamps


Do you know the difference between self-inking and pre-inked rubber stamps? No? That’s OK, because we do. When it comes to rubber stamps, would you really trust anyone more than JRSC Digital? We’ve been making rubber stamps longer than Mattel® has been making Barbie® dolls. We offer a wide range of rubber stamps that come in many different sizes and styles, and we know exactly which ones work best for your needs, your budget and your image. We offer the widest range of stamping products available in the area. Just tell us how you want your stamp, and we’ll do the rest.



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Have products you need us to store and ship? Let us create a custom fulfillment solution for you.



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Laser Engraving


Our laser engraver can be used to engrave or cut many different materials. We use it in several of our product lines signs, awards, gifts, trophies, promotional products, and apparel. We even engrave all the rubber to make our rubber stamps. In addition to the standard products we use it for there are many unique custom application we do for customers such as industrial marking or craft projects.


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UV Printing


UV printing is an inkjet process where the ink is cured instantly with a UV light. This allows printing on non porous surfaces where ink normally wouldn't dry.



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